The buzz for Korean romantic dramas amidst the lockdown has skyrocketed. The previous year 2020, undoubtedly was one of the best years for the Korean television industry, with dramas like Crash landing on you and It’s okay to not be okay, smashing records and winning the hearts of audiences.

Apart from being addictive because of their distinct storyline, K-dramas have also become an impactful source of influencing Korean culture and tradition across the world. While 2021 is already on its way to top the list of best Korean dramas with shows like Vincenzo, here is the list of few ongoing romantic K-dramas that might be the stress buster for you this summer season.

  •  So I Married an Anti-Fan:
The buzz for Korean romantic dramas amidst the lockdown has skyrocketed


Based on the 2010 webtoon of the same title, this romantic comedy-drama revolves around the love story of an anti-fan reporter Lee Geun-young and the top star Hoo Joon who end up living together. While dwelling into the problematic personal lives of the characters, it subsequently gives insight into how it is to be an idol in this superficial industry. As of now, 12 episodes have aired officially on global platforms like Viki. It is a simple and sweet drama that has impressed the audience with sizzling chemistry between the leads.

  • Doom at your service:
Top ongoing Korean romantic comedies to watch


The ongoing tvn drama brings you a story of an orphan, Tak dong-Kyong, working as an editor for a web novel company. She lost her parents at an early age in a sudden accident and is later diagnosed with a brain tumour which leaves her with less than 100 days of her life. While being pushed to such an end, she prays for the world’s destruction. Eventually, she gets into a contract with Myul-Mang whose existence disrupts her ordinary life. This extraordinary being is a manager between god and humans, and in literal terms means “doom”. With 10 episodes currently aired, the fantasy drama has made a place in the hearts of netizens with its unique and unpredictable plot.

  • Imitation:

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As K-pop has become mainstream in the music industry worldwide, this drama is especially getting love from K-pop enthusiasts. The drama is an adaptation of manhwa with the same title. The story revolves around a member of the famous K-pop boy band sharx having a secret romance with a novice from the industry, Lee Ma-ha, who has just debuted with a girl group named, tea party. The drama imbibes the intricate details of how idols navigate their personal lives while struggling to survive in the entertainment industry. The show is currently being aired on Viki.

  • My roommate is a Gumiho:

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The fantastical romantic drama is a thrilling and loving story of a nine-tailed fox and a human. The story is about a 997-year-old male fox(gumiho) having an ambition of becoming a human, cohabitating with a cranky college girl. The cohabitation is an outcome of their entanglement as the girl accidentally swallows the precious red marble of a fox. Hence, if you are looking for a steamy romance between leads having distinct personalities, this might be the best pick for you. This show is also an adaptation of a famous webtoon with the same title. The show is on air, with an official release of 6 episodes as of now.

These are a few recommendations in case you love romantic comedies. Aside from having a fantastic plot, these dramas have fabulous casting. The list is inexhaustive. So choose your cup of tea for this summer season.

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