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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the doctors, frontline workers of Varanasi. He got emotional while at the same time he expressed his gratitude towards them during video call meeting. He said “Covid-19 has snatched many of our loved ones from us. I pay my respect to the people who died of Covid-19 and express my condolences to their beavered families”. He had to take pauses in between his talk to control his tears.

He applauded each one of the specialists who are assisting with battling Covid-19. He appreciated Varanasi, his parliamentary constituency for the endeavors of controlling the influx of Covid. Modi gave a new slogan “Jahan bimar, wahin upchar (treatment of the ailing at their doorstep)”, saying that this could bring down the pressure that the second wave of COVID-19 has put on the country’s health system. “Creating micro containment zones and distributing medicines at the doorstep of the people is a good initiative. We have to follow the initiative comprehensively in villages,” the PM said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the doctors, frontline workers of Varanasi.

PM additionally asked individuals to get vaccinated and make it an aggregate obligation. “We should get ourselves vaccinated when our turn comes and should make immunization an aggregate duty. Our aggregate endeavors will give results and with the gifts of Baba Vishwanath Kashi will fruitful win the battle against.”

“In our continuous battle against Covid-19, another test of black fungus has surfaced. We should focus in taking the precautions, avoiding potential risk and readiness to manage it,” PM added.

The Prime Minister underlined the significant role played by ASHA and ANM laborers in the conflict against COVID-19 in the towns and asked the authorities to take maximum advantage of their experience. We have controlled the pandemic by and large, because of our regular efforts. However, there is no ideal opportunity to unwind as we need to take on a long conflict.


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