This review is very personal because the book being reviewed here is one of those stories that have the power to change everything in the world.

Have you ever read a book that you started reading out of sheer luck and no intentions but it changes something in you the moment you finish it? As if the story spoke to you on a level it’s hard to understand?

I picked this book up purely out of chance, because the copy of it that we had in the school library was damaged, yet repairable, indicating that the book had been read a lot. A clear sign of a good book.

Before Looking For Alaska, the only reason why John Green was famous, is because of The Fault In Our Stars. But something about this book is different. I think for a person who lost herself, looking for anyone, as long as it wasn’t her, this book came and changed everything.

I picked up the book and completed reading it in one day. And that night, I wept uncontrollably.

Book Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

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You see, Looking For Alaska does that to you. It brings out certain emotions that you don’t want to feel. It will feel like a rock-solid push into feeling things. I kept reading the book again and again until I thought I had looked and I had deciphered every single message that it had in it. But again. You could be 14, or you could be 19, there will always be that one book which will bring you to something different each time you read it.

And till date, there hasn’t been one time when I have read the book and not discovered something new.

You shouldn’t read this book because it’s a literary masterpiece, no. You should read this book because looking for Alaska has something that will break you and give you the power to heal. The reason why I have two copies of this book is that I just don’t feel like I’ve had enough of it. It drains you, gives you all of what it has and still, you’ll come back to it because this book, as heartbreaking as it may be, will hold your heart in the sleeves of its golden cover and keep love safe in it.

Looking for Alaska will hold your hand and lead you to yourself.

And you’ll feel every emotion, you’ve outrun your entire life.

This book is art. It makes you feel things.

Shikha Shristi

By Shikha Shristi

Through words and verses.

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