Brain Activity

The mind-blowing science behind how our brains shape our reality

Unbeknownst to a lot of us, our brain actually shapes our futures without us realising it. By simply looking at it, our brain looks like a blob of jiggly meat, however, this blob of jiggly meat is a lot more powerful than we know or understand.

Through the years of evolution, our brains have learnt how to predict future, control our bodies, and create experiences of our past and present. It can conjure up our past experiences at what we think are random moments, when it, in a way, tells us about the things we did that lead to a bad result, and tries to help us not make the same mistake twice.

Brain Shapes our reality

Our brain also has the power to modify our physical reality through a social reality. It can also make up things that are not true out of nothing and make others around us believe that they are indeed true. It also has the power of blocking certain memories or experiences that may harm us.

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Our brain relies on our memories, these memories sometimes may not be completely true as the brain only stores pieces and bits of the memories in the form of pictures and audios, rather than a film. It also modifies some of these pieces of memories to sometimes fill in the blanks of an incomplete memory.

Our brain can also at times mix up two or more memories. Because of that, two people present at the same place and time, can have completely different memories as both their brains work differently and stores only things that it thinks are useful. In such a case, no one is right or wrong, as both their perspectives are different.

Our brain also has the power to guess our course of action and get ready for the said action based on our past memories. It does this to keep us alive and well as if the brain is not fast enough to react, it may cause us our life. Whether right or wrong all the guesses made by the brain manifest as our actions, senses and emotions.

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