Lakes on Mars

As soon as the information about the presence of water on Mars, there was panic in the whole world. Now scientists say that not two or four but dozens of lakes (Dozens of frozen lakes on Mars) can exist on Mars.

Research says, Dozens of Lakes on Mars

The world of space research is full of mysteries, because it took a long time for humans to reach there. One such mystery is Mars. Scientists have been searching for years about the possibilities of settling on the Red Planet i.e. Mars. In the year 2018, scientists discovered the fact that water is present on Mars. After the news of getting water, plans were also made to establish settlements on Mars.

Now another discovery that has given strength to this plan of scientists has come to the fore. NASA researchers have claimed that there are dozens of frozen lakes on Mars, not just 1-2 of water on Mars.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made this claim after analyzing data from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express Orbiter. After looking at the radar reflection from the South Pole of Mars and combining this analysis, scientists say that these lakes are present at the South Pole.

However, the water in these is not liquid but is stored in the form of ice (South Polar Layered Deposits). There is a dust of dry snow on it and it is well settled all over the area.

Lakes on Mars claim by NASA

The lakes are frozen due to extreme cold

Regarding the signal received from the radar, NASA JPL researcher Jeffrey Pault says that we cannot say that this water is liquid. Either there is a good amount of water under the surface of Mars or the radar signals are pointing to something else.

Research on this is still going on. Research has been going on for 15 years regarding the South Pole of Mars. Another research has also said that 33 to 99 percent of Mars’ water is under its hard surface, because these rocks are billions of years old and the temperature here is minus 63 degrees Celsius. It is impossible for water to remain liquid at such a low temperature

Volcano on Mars leads to water on Mars

There could be a volcano on Mars

There are expected to be dozens of lakes within 6 to 12 miles on Mars’ South Pole. That is, the size of these lakes is not very big. Scientists also say that now it is being ascertained whether the water of the lake is liquid or not? If the water becomes liquid, then volcanic activity on Mars can also be confirmed.

Whereas water being in solid form negates volcano activity. In May, scientists shared some satellite photos of volcanic activity on Mars and believed that it was a volcano that erupted 50 thousand years ago.

In such a situation, the research on this claim can be carried forward from the lakes found on Mars. If liquid lakes are confirmed on Mars, then the work on the concept of human settlement there can be carried forward

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