Richa Chadha, through her new social media effort The Kindry, which promotes individual tales of optimism and altruism in these difficult times, is joining the pride celebrations this year.

Every June, the entire globe commemorates LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a month devoted to the community and utilised to raise awareness about the stigma associated with the non-binary gender spectrum.

According to Chadha, Pride Month is all about teaching acceptance, decency, equality, pride history, and, most importantly, love. And the Madam Chief Minister actress is accomplishing a number of goals with her philanthropic endeavour. The page has covered tales such as Kushal Roy, a young psychotherapist from Kolkata who offers a free mental health and bereavement counselling helpline.

Another segment honours a trio of Kashmiri teenagers, Uzair, Junaid, and Khushi Mir, who is assisting in the feeding of Kashmir’s trans population. Dr Aqsa Shaikh, the first trans-woman to lead a vaccination facility in India, is an inspiration to thousands as a medical professional, philanthropist, and artist, according to a third tale. The Instagram handle will be updated on a regular basis. This month, the Instagram handle will host live sessions with these daily heroes, who inspire others just by being themselves.

“Kindness is the requirement of the hour and throughout this time,” Chadha says. We all need love and hope, especially those who have suffered losses as a result of the epidemic.

We intend to add some virtual happiness to the lives of our daily heroes as well, with the aid of artists. Because of the worldwide epidemic, India’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month has gone virtual this year.

Richa Chadha Hopes To Provide Cheer In The Lives Of Daily Heroes By Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Heroes

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On The Kindry, we’re delighted to commemorate this by featuring stories of community heroes who are assisting one another in these catastrophic times. Their stories are not only heartfelt but also full of love and compassion. A gay college student from Delhi revealed his coming out experience last week. We received numerous direct messages from our followers saying that watching our live session made them feel braver to come out.

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