“Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from Going Ahead:- Indian Olympic Committee(IOC) Vice President, Mr. John Coates” said on Friday in the recent meeting conducted.

The IOC Vice president and the head of the IOC’s Coordination Commission for the Tokyo Games said that the ‘Tokyo Olympics’  can go ahead even if the city chosen to be the host city is under a state of emergency because of the ongoing pandemic and the surge in Covid Cases.

After the virtual meeting conducted with the members and the organisers, IOC Vice President told the reporters that, “All the measures we are undertaking will ensure a safe games regardless of whether there is a state of emergency or not”, he further added that, “Provided that we can protect the Japanese Public, the most important thing is giving athletes a chance to compete.”

Regardless of the opposition aroused by the Japanese Citizens and the incessant warning by the health experts and authorities, the long-awaited Tokyo Olympics will go ahead as per the schedules arranged. The people and the health experts argued that the commencement of the Tokyo Olympic Games can risk the chance of spreading the virus which can lead to furthermore cases after the arrival of thousands of athletes, journalists and their supporting members.

Tokyo Olympics to Commence from July even under the State of Emergency

According to a poll conducted, about 83% of the population wants that either the  event should be halted or should be postponed once again to the succeeding year. As per the reports by Nikkei Business Newspaper, around 4.1% of Japan’s population has got its first dose and about 30% of the workers in the health sectors in Tokyo  are secured. 

IOC vice president during the meeting said that the residents of the Host City or the Olympic village would be vaccinated before the commencement of the Sports event. And later he added that additional medical support will be provided to the medical team operating the Games Event and for implementing the COVID-19 measures.

President of Tokyo 2020, Seiko Hashimoto said that around more than 200 doctors and around 310 nurses are required daily in the course of the Olympics and Paralympics. Moreover, the number of Journalists and the other working and supporting staff arriving in Tokyo has decreased from 1,80,000 to 78,000.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Coates said that “Now the Games would be safer for everyone to participate in and is even safe for the people of Japan”, he further added that, “After 8 years of hard work and planning, the finish line is within touching distance”.

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