There is no dearth of wonders in this world.  Talking about Ice Cream Flavours, by now you must have eaten a lot of ice cream with flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, black currant, coffee, dry fruits etc. 

But today we are going to tell you about some very strange flavours of ice cream (Weird Ice Cream Flavours).  Just thinking about them will make you feel strange and you will probably not even think about eating them.

1.) Garlic Flavour Ice-Cream

The example of Japan’s culture and culture is given all over the world.  Like Indians, people’s craze for ice cream increases as soon as the summer season comes.  But you will be surprised to know about the ice cream flavours here.  Garlic ice cream is made from garlic, usually used in food as a vegetable or flavour.

Crunchy ice-cream

2.) Crunchy Ice Cream

Apart from eating crisps in a normal way, you must have also made Kurkure Chat from it.  But have you ever had crunchy ice cream?  We’re sure your answer will be neither .

Crunchy ice-cream

3.) Chinese Flavour Ice Cream

Soya Sauce Use is commonly added to Chinese dishes like Manchurian, Chowmein and Fried Rice.  This makes the flavour better.  But in Japan, the flavour of soy sauce is also preferred in ice cream (Weird Ice Cream Flavours).

Chicken flavour ice-cream

4.) Chicken Flavour Ice Cream

Some people are so fond of non-veg food that they want the taste of chicken or mutton in everything.  Once Chicken Wings Ice Cream became very popular in Japan.  Later the company clarified that it was just a joke but everyone was surprised to see the enthusiasm of the people.


5.) Never Melting Ice Cream

Non-melting ice cream was also made in Kanazawa, Japan.  Although this was due to an accident.  It is said that scientists from the Biotherapy Development Research Centre company and Kanazawa University were working together to create a natural and healthy flavour . from strawberry polyphenol powder. 

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But he noticed that when it was mixed with water and frozen, it was difficult to differentiate between what was made and ice cream.  The special thing was that it was not melting (Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt).

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