The correspondent, author and activist Steinem , icon of the feminist revolution and a critical player within the fight for women’s rights within the us , has been awarded the 2021 Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, to which 36 nominations were nominated of sixteen ethnicities.

Steinem, 87, a pacesetter within the improvised billow of feminism, was aco-founder in 1972 of the magazine “Ms., considered the primary feminist publication created and directed just by women. A fighter for sameness between men and women, her work has been rudimentary within the struggle for the legalization of rescission, the OK of the Equal Rights Amendment ( Time) within the us , also as against the execution , womanly genital mutilation or maltreatment .

The award also honors Steinem’s tectonic participation within the 1977 National Women’s Conference, the creation of several solidarity associations round the world and her multiple notations, winners of other prestigious transnational awards, which have inspired aside from a generation of women.

Icon of the feminist revolution

Graduated from Smith College (Northampton Northampton, Massachusetts) in 1956, Steinem moved to India for 2 dates on a literacy before settling in ny in 1960 to figure on the magazine ” Help! “, a stage during which she joined as an worker of the Playboy Club of latest York to write down an exclusive about the working conditions and stipend of those women.

A contributor to the founding of “ ny Magazine ”, as a contract reporter she wrote for “ Esquire ” and “ The NY Times Magazine ”, among other publications beforeco-founding “Ms. ”, where she was an editor for fifteen days and may be a member of its recommendatory commission, from which position she had a prominent function within the deal of the magazine to the Feminist Majority Foundation in 2001.

Her feminist activism led her to partake in several forums and within the founding of women’s colleges, connate because the National Women’s Political Caucus, theMs. Foundation for women, the Women’s Action Alliance, the ladies and AIDS Fund and therefore the Women’s Media Center.

The newshound and pen gained notoriety with the publication of the essay ” After Black Power, Women’s Liberation ” in 1969 in ny Magazine and has concentrated her work on labor issues and adolescence rights.

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Deed and claim

She’s the author of several bestsellers connate as ” The Beach Book ” (1963 1963), ” Outrageous Acts and Everyday Mutinies ” (1983 1983), ” Revolution from Within A Book of Self-Esteem ” (1992 1992) complexion- admiration, 1995), “ Marilyn ” (1997 1997), “ Doing Sixty& Seventy ” (2006 2006) and “ My Life on the Road ” (2015 2015) (My My life on the road, 2016) and in 2020 the biographical film The Glorias, grounded on this concluding book.

In addition, the HBO network produced the series “Mrs. America ”, which narrates a number of the most circumstances of the dawns of the feminist struggle within the us starring Steinem.

An memorializing doctorate from variegated universities, she has won awards suchlike because the Penney-Missouri Journalism Award (1970 1970), the Women’s Sports Journalism Award (2004 2004) and therefore the RichardC. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award (USA USA, 2015) and in 1993 was awarded She was included within the National Women’s Hall of Fame while seven eras thereafter the Library of Congress of the us included her among its Living Legends.

In 2013, the either chairperson of the us , Barack Obama, presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and 4 eras thereafter Rutgers University created the Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies in recognition that the mayor of Nueva York Bill de Blasio broadcast March 31, 2019 as Steinem Day.

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Some awards with History

This award to Steinem (Ohio Ohio, 1934) is that the other to fail of the eight awards held annually by the Princess of Asturias Foundation after last week the Serbian Marina Abramovic was distinguished with the Handcrafts Award for a career of another than five decades that have made her the utmost exponent of ” performance “.

The jury that has granted the award, gathered electronically, has been chaired by the previous director of the Royal Spanish Academy Víctor García de la Concha, and therefore the winning apprenticeship had been proposed by the professor and match of the TransLIT Research Group of the University from Oviedo, Socorro Suárez Lafuente.

Last span, the Communication and Humanities Award visited the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico Mexico) and therefore the Hay Festival of Literature& Handicrafts after having been awarded in precedent editions, among others, to the Prado Museum, Les Luthiers, James Nachtwey, Emilio Lledó, Joaquín Salvador Lavado “ Quino ”, Annie Leibovitz or The Royal Society .

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