Unique Marriage at Mid-Air: A well-drafted plan to escape from restrictions resulted in chaos

madurai air Unique Marriage at Mid-Air without proper protection they all violating the corona rules as the authority DGCA investigate the case and take a strict action

Madurai, Tamil Nadu: Marriages are made in heaven. Here, a couple planned their wedding in mid-air to change the proverb into “Marriages are made in mid-air”. Covid second wave has compelled every state to impose strict lockdown without any relaxations to avoid further spread.

Marriages are happening in temples, in their simplest form with 10 to 20 persons overall. In this situation, Rakesh-Darshana, a couple from Madurai planned to escape from the lockdown, to get married with the blessings of 161 relatives in mid-air. They booked a spice-jet flight from Madurai to Bangalore for 2 hours to tie Mangalsutra knot. As lockdown prevails in both TamilNadu and Karnataka, every passenger is required to provide a negative certificate to travel in flight.

When the plane crossed near the famous Meenakshi Amman temple, the bridegroom Rakesh tied the 3 knots around the neck of the bride Darshana. After tying the knots, Rakesh and Darshana got the blessings of their parents. 161 relatives in the plane, blessed the married couples by showering the yellow rice, which indicates prosperity and well-being.

All these relatives, being covid negative, were not wearing face masks. Only one gentleman was wearing a mask, that too on the chin. This incident went viral on social media, as this is a unique ceremony held never before in recent times. The viral message has brought both positives and negatives to this “Planned escape from lockdown restrictions”.

The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered the Spice Jet to take severe actions on the passengers who were not wearing masks, as it violates the covid 19 protocol.All these unique incidents that happened were unaware by the airport officials. DGCA has taken strict action against the crew members.

The officials were taken off from flying duty. The viral video on the internet with people not wearing masks has shocked the citizens of Tamil Nadu, as the caseload officially reported as 18,42,344.

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