Facebook Smart watch

Facebook is reportedly working on its first new smartwatch. A new report from Verge shed more light on the expected features. The report claims that the Facebook smartwatch would feature two cameras: one at the front and a higher quality one on the rear. The front one will allow users to make video calls, and the higher quality camera on the back will enable users to take snaps and videos. It will be the first mainstream smartwatch to have this feature.

The new smartwatch will also feature support for LTE connectivity. This will allow users to directly upload photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, etc from the watch itself. It will also feature fitness tracking functionality on par with its competitors like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa. However, Facebook’s focus is more on creating a smartwatch that will allow functionality identical to smartphones.

This is not the first time we hear of the existence of the Facebook smartwatch. Apparently, Facebook’s interest in watches dates back a few years. It even considered acquiring Fitbit in 2019 before Google closed the deal. The report indicates that Facebook has invested more than 1 billion dollars in r&d of its smartwatch and is also working on its two subsequent successors in parallel.

The watch will reportedly be released in the summer of next year with an expected price tag of around $400.This will pit it against Apple Watch, which is widely regarded as the best in the industry. However, nothing is finalized now as the watch is yet to enter mass production.

The report gained a mixed reaction from the tech community. While some are excited to see Facebook’s take on smartwatches and its camera functionality, others were concerned about privacy, given the company’s track record. While the camera on the smartwatch does appear appealing, the company needs to provide a convincing use case for having such functionality. Otherwise, it will be yet another failure for Facebook in the hardware space where it is trying hard to make a mark.

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