The Karnataka Government on Thursday announced that they would issue a legal notice to google after Kannada appeared as a search result for “Ugliest Language”. This issue sparked a huge outrage across the country with Political Leaders from all Parties slamming Google for the search result.

Google apologised for the same and quickly took down the answer to the query “ugliest language in India” and also asserted that this did not reflect their opinion in any shape or form.

On Thursday after the keywords “ugliest language in India” showed top result as Kannada, Google soon fixed the search result post a massive outrage. Google released a statement apologizing for hurting sentiments. An apology was demanded by Aravind Limbavali, Karnataka Minister of Kannada, Culture and Forest for insulting the pride of Kannada speakers (Kannadigas). Mr. Aravind Limbavali also told reporters that a legal notice will be sent to Google for the same immediately.

But why did this search result appear?

Karnataka Government issues legal notice to Google for " Ugliest language search result"

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Google search results work on the basis of Algorithms and depend on Keywords or content on websites that have written related content on the topic searched.

 When a query is entered or a keyword is searched, Google looks for websites or articles that match the keywords and show results accordingly. This is widely known to us all as search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, Google may have little or no control over the search results that appear. The real culprits are the websites that write articles or content related to the matter and must be held accountable.

“We know this is not ideal, but we take swift corrective action when we are made aware of an issue and are continually working to improve our algorithms. Naturally, these are not reflective of the opinions of Google, and we apologise for the misunderstanding and hurting any sentiments” said the Google spokesperson.

Political leaders all across South India have taken to Twitter to express their outrage regarding the issue. Mr. Limbavali tweeted “The Kannada language has a history of its own, having come into existence as many as 2,500 years ago. It has been the pride of Kannadigas all through these two-and-a-half millennia”.

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy also said in a series of tweets that “not just Kannada, no language is bad, abuse against languages is painful. Is it impossible for Google to curb such hatred against any language?”

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