The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this fast-paced world to a halt, interfering with many parts of people’s life, including routine fitness exercises.

While many people have purchased yoga mats and experimented with a plethora of yoga and fitness applications, others may still be perplexed. However, as difficult as it may be to find the desire, some level of daily movement and exercise is essential.

As a result, on World Yoga Day 2021, the Ministry of Ayush unveiled the WHO mYoga app, which seeks to teach people about yoga through audio and video segments. This app was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Ayush and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement of the application on Yoga Day. He said, “India took another major milestone in cooperation with WHO. We’ll introduce the mYoga app, which provides yoga videos to individuals across the world in multiple languages. This will allow us to fulfil our slogan “One World, One Health.”

He also argued that practising yoga amid the current COVID-19 epidemic is of crucial relevance for the whole of health.

PM Narender Modi

The WHO mYoga app is available on Google Play Store for download. However, the  iOS version will launch later. It includes ten, twenty and forty five minutes audio and video segments for the study and practise of various asanas

The app is free for all and allows users to download these videos, which include steps for tadasana, shashankasana, bhujangasana, dharana & dhyana, among others.

The application is designed to enable users to follow a “physically active way of life via yoga practise.” It also demonstrates the use of the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) that the “international expert committee has picked for the app and which is exercised annually by millions of individuals worldwide”

The application explicitly indicates that it cannot be used by anyone over 65 years of age, pregnant women and those who have “any health issues.” 

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