Telegram's new Video Call version

Telegram has finally integrated group video chat to its smartphone and desktop apps, which it announced in April 2020. By pressing the camera icon to switch on your device’s video, you may convert voice calls in any group on the site into video calls.

According to Telegram, an audio conversation can be attended by an infinite number of users, while group video calls will be limited to the first 30 individuals who join a voice chat. According to the notice, it intends to raise the cap “soon.” During a video call, users may also share their screens.

You may participate in group video calls on your phone, tablet, or computer. Telegram will take advantage of the increased screen real estate provided by these latter devices to provide you with a better perspective of everything that is going on. On tablets, for example, you can open a side panel to see a split-screen view with a grid of video participants as well as a list of everyone on the call.

Telegram New Video call version

Not to mention the fact that Telegram is introducing group video calls later than many of its competitors, it has been a long time coming for the functionality to arrive on the messaging app. Telegram announced in April 2020 that group video calling will be available later that year. The year 2020 came and went with no release.

In January, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that the business had 500 million active users, many of whom switched to the network when Facebook-owned competitor chat app WhatsApp botched the implementation of a new privacy policy. Nonetheless, Telegram lags behind the competition in terms of group video calls; WhatsApp, which had 2 billion users as of February, launched group video and voice calling in 2018.

Telegram launched many new features, including better noise suppression and dynamic backgrounds, in addition to the long-awaited group video calls. Users of Telegram’s iOS or Android applications may select from a number of pre-configured choices or build their own animated backgrounds.

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