Researchers at Cornell University have broken their own record of capturing the highest resolution image of an individual atom ever captured and zoomed the image in 100 million times. The method used by the researchers team was used to capture the image is called Ptychography in which a beam (made of different positions and angles every time. By comparing that was formed by the scattered beam, an algorithm reconstructed the targeted object with immerse precision. The imagery breaks their own record in 2018 where they used a detector to triple the resolution of an electron microscope. This time they used a new detector, with more advanced 3D construction algorithms that boosted much of the image.

The Highest Ever Resolution Image  Of Atom

 David Muller’s of New York’s Cornell University explains “By seeing new pattern changes, we are able to compute the shape of an object that caused the pattern. With these new algorithms, we’re now able to correct all the blurring of on microscope to the point the largest blurring factor we have left is the fact that the Atoms themselves are wobbling. Muller said, when we talk about the temperature, we are actually measuring its actual speed of how many atoms are jiggling.

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The Highest Ever Resolution Image Of Atoms

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