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Several users, celebrities included, have come out with a complaint to Twitter, observing that they have lost a huge chunk of their followers within hours.

Actor Anupam Kher has been one of the many people to complain of this issue, noticing that he lost around Eighty Thousand followers in around Thirty- Six hours.

“Dear @Twitter and @TwitterIndia! I have 80,000 fewer followers in the last 36 hours! Is there a glitch in your app or something else is happening!! It is an observation. Not a complaint….. yet,” Kher wrote on Twitter.

Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan had also tweeted about how he lost twenty thousand followers in a day. He tweeted that he might decide to leave Twitter because of this incident.

However, Twitter has explained that the reduction of followers was most probably due to a regular practice of removing accounts that may not be authentic.

“We regularly challenge accounts to validate or confirm account details, like a password or phone number, to better protect the integrity of the conversation on Twitter”, a spokesman from Twitter responded.

Until the information is confirmed, the accounts are kept in a locked state, which is why many people have lost their Twitter followers.

Twitter also looks for accounts that spread misinformation, or include offensive comments in a conversation. Accounts that engage in such manipulative content, are also locked or banned from Twitter.

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