Twitter’s Response on New Rules

The new guidelines, declared on February 25, require enormous online media stages characterized as those with more than 50 lakh clients in the nation to follow extra due steadiness, including the appointment of chief compliance officer nodal contact person and resident grievance officer. Resistance with rules would bring about losing their status that gives them invulnerability from liabilities over any outsider information facilitated by them. All in all, they could be responsible for criminal activity if there should be an occurrence of grievances.

Twitter’s spokesperson said on Thursday it was stressed over the security of its staff in India, days after the Delhi Police workforce visited its workplaces in south Delhi and Gurugram to “serve notice” regarding their test into the case.  Also, right now, we are concerned by recent events regarding our employees in India and the potential threat to freedom of expression for the people we serve.

Twitter’s Response on New Rules

Referring to new data innovation decides that the public authority has carried out, it added that “we, close by numerous individuals in common society in India and all throughout the planet, have worries concerning the utilization of intimidation tactics by the police because of requirement of our worldwide terms of administration, just as with center components of the upgraded IT rules.”

The micro-blogging site asked the technology ministry to give it three additional months to conform to the new substance guideline rules, which incorporate the arrangement of an Indian complaint official to manage objections. Twitter said it was extremely concerned the principles made the consistence official criminally obligated for content on the stage, adding the move addressed a dangerous overextend.

Twitter Response on New Rules


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