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Apple kicked off its annual developer conference (WWDC 21) on June 7th. It’s the yearly event at which Apple provides a sneak peek of various software improvements and features coming to its devices

This year’s WWDC brought exciting upgrades and significant improvements to its key services, such as Facetime and iMessage, along with announcing the next iteration of iPadOS, IOS, and macOS. However, to the dismay of the tech community, Apple didn’t release any new macbook with apple silicon. A separate event for that might happen later this year.

Apple  Previews new Iteration

Let’s dive into all the features that were announced today.

Apple started the keynote by presenting the upgrades in IOS 15.IOS 15 brings significant changes to notification previews. The default browser Safari gets a new redesign to improve one-handed usability. A new feature called Focus filters notifications and apps based on what a user wants to focus on. It is basically a user-customizable do not disturb profiles.

The star of the show was improvements to Facetime. It is getting a feature called Shareplay, which lets you watch movies and TV shows together while they chat. Also, Facetime is no longer exclusive to ios as they announced a web app. Other improvements include spatial audio and portrait mode, which blurs the subject’s background in video calls. Apple Maps also gets a major visual overhaul along with weather and notes apps.

IpadOS and MacOs

The new iteration of iPadOS brings with it more widgets and a better multi-tasking system. The note-taking system has been updated to take advantage of iPad large screen real estate. Also, Apple announced a new feature called Quicknotes, which allows users to take notes on a floating window while using any other app.

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iPadOS 15 also introduces a new split-view which makes it easier to multi-task. The translation app is also coming to iPad. Apple also announced swift playground 4, which will let users build iPhone and iPad apps right on their iPad and submit them directly to the App Store. It also includes redesigned Safari browser, Facetime, and other features from IOS 15

Wwdc 21 Highlights

The company also unveiled macOS 12, named Monterey. The new version does not bring any significant UI changes. Nevertheless, the new features are no less exciting. The most exciting feature is Universal control which lets you use your Mac’s mouse or trackpad to control the cursor on an iPad or another Mac’s screen, reaching into and across multiple devices.

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Safari is also getting updated with the introduction of tab groups which features a new tab design. The new version also improves sync functionality with iPad and iPhones. The login screen gets Memojis, and desktops now support spatial audio with AirPods pro. Public beta is expected to go live next month, with a stable update coming later this fall.

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