Vikas Dubey encounter
Highlight  of the Vikas encountered News✍️
• Vikas Dubey mastermind of killing eight police personnel

• Vikas Dubey overturned the train to STF , they escaped.

• 4 policemen were injured by snatching weapons.

• Vikas Dubey killed in an encounter.

U.P News: In the Bikeru village of Kanpur, 5 lakh prize Money wanted Vikas Dubey, who killed eight policemen including the CO, has collapsed in the today early morning encounter. The STF car was bringing him to Kanpur. During this time the vehicle overturned. He snatched the weapon and tried to escape. After which the police have killed him in an encounter. Yesterday, Vikas Dubey was arrested from the Mahakal temple complex in Ujjain. After the incident, the absconding development reached the temple to dodge the UP, Delhi, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh police. After the arrest, Vikas was questioned for more than two hours at the police training center. After this, he was handed over to the UP STF by the Madhya Pradesh Police
📌  Media Persons , who were following the convoy bringing back gangster Vikas Dubey , were stopped by police in Sachendi area of kanpur before the encounter around 6:30 a.m. in which the criminal was killed ( ANI Report).
#WATCH Media persons, who were following the convoy bringing back gangster Vikas Dubey, were stopped by police in Sachendi area of Kanpur before the encounter around 6.30 am in which the criminal was killed. (Earlier visuals)

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) July 10, 2020


How the accident Happened 

  • Eyewitnesses present on the spot say that we heard the sound of firing. The accident of the vehicle was not done. We heard the sound of the bullet. 
  • After this, the police tried to drive us away. We moved away from there. We had heard gunshots.In a statement issued by the Kanpur police regarding the encounter of Vikas Dubey.
  • It was said that after the arrest of Vikas Dubey, a prize of 5 lakh from Ujjain, the police and the STF team were bringing Kanpur city on 10 July today. A police car crashed near Kanpur Nagar Bhaunti . Vikas Dubey and policemen were injured.

Vikas Dube encountered

According to Kanpur police report

  • According to the Kanpur police, during this time, Vikas Dubey tried to escape by snatching the pistol of the injured policeman. 
  • Chased by the police team, he was besieged and asked to surrender, but he refused and started firing on the police team. 
  • Police retaliated for self-defense. During this, Vikas Dubey got injured.
  • According to the police, the injured Vikas Dubey was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment,
  •  where Vikas Dubey, a prize money of 5 lakh, died during treatment.
  •  The statement has been issued by the Kanpur police. In this regard, no police officer is avoiding speaking in front of the camera.
Vikas Dube wanted

Vikas Dubey killed eight policemen

  • Vikas Dubey, a resident of Bikaru village in Kanpur, was accused of ruthless killing of eight policemen.
  •  The police team went to punish him, only then Vikas Dubey and his henchmen attacked.
  •  Firing of 200 to 300 rounds was done. During this, eight policemen including CO Devendra Mishra were martyred.
  • Vikas Dubey and his henchmen escaped after the brutal killing of eight policemen. 
  • In search of Vikas Dubey, the entire state was converted into a camp. Vikas Dubey was caught 6 days after the incident from Mahakal temple in Ujjain.
Vikas Dubey encounter

UP ADG , Law and Order Prashant Kumar 

📌 UP ADG, law and order, Prashant Kumar, tells reporters in Lucknow, that vehicle carrying Dubey had overturned while taking advantage of the situation he also snatched pistol of a cop and tried to flee but was warned of action and asked to surrender. Instead, Dubey retaliated with a fire which provoked cops and they also shot back injuring Dubey. Later, Dubey was taken to a hospital and declared brought dead

Video by BBC Hindi News YouTube 

 📌 Latest visual from the site of UP STF car Convoy accident and encounter of Vikas Dubey in Kanpur.

Kanpur: Latest visuals from the site of UP STF car convoy accident and encounter of #VikasDubey in Kanpur.

Large number of people, police and media personnel seen in the area.

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) July 10, 2020

📌  BJP leader Umar Bharti congratulates UP police for killing Vikas Dubey in the encounter

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Uma Bharti on Friday praised the Uttar Pradesh Police for the alleged encounter killing of gangster Vikas Dubey, adding that Lord Shiva took the life of ‘demon’ Dubey for killing an honest police officer like (Circle Officer) Devendra Mishra.(TOI)

📌 Body of gangster Vikas Dubey who was killed in police encounter today at LLR Hospital in Kanpur.

Body of gangster Vikas Dubey who was killed in police encounter today, at LLR Hospital in Kanpur.

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) July 10, 2020

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