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Best 5 queer friendly shows to be seen this month.Which we can watch on Netflix ott platform while enjoying.All this series is the best series in itself, so far people are liking it.And some series have also been given Best Awards.

Here are the list of 5 Queer Friendly Shows

1. One Day At A Time.

One day at time , Netflix Series

ODAAT is one of the very few shows that brings inclusivity in the modern world correctly in picture. Right from the importance of proper pronouns and how to not misgender people to the importance of consent in any relationship, this show is so wholesome yet so informative that it will blow your mind. One of the lead couples in the show happen to be queer and the show perfectly captures their story of what it means to be queer in today’s world.

2. Schitts Creek.

Schiff's Creek  netflix series

The best part about Schitt’s Creek is the normalcy, love and warmth with which the character of David, ever so brilliantly played by Dan Levy, and his journey with pansexuality is written. In the modern world where acceptance is slightly easier as it should be, this show portrays David’s love life in the purest way there could be.

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3. Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

As shows start to become more and more diverse with representation, B99 is probably one of the first shows to represent different sexual identities in People of Colour. Both queer the leads Captain Holt and Rosa are people of colour being black and a latina respectively. It also has one of the best coming out sequences that shows how personal the process is and how it really is.Absolutely mind blowing.

4. The Bold Type.

The bold tyep Netflix Series

The Bold Type, as per its name is one of the few shows that takes representation a notch higher with showcasing queer identities along with race and ethnicity and still keeping it appropriate. The show never crosses a line, is always respectful and still states facts, and boldly so. It is also one of those feminist shows that are absolutely uplifting to say the least.

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5. Sex Education

Sex education series

It is safe to say that Sex Education is probably the best show to watch if you want to see a good representation of sexual, gender and ethnic identities blended together in a perfect sequence where everybody is represented, and made to feel valid. It is one of the finest shows to have made an effort with representation and fulfilling it to its best possible level.

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