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Money Heist Season 5 to be released into 2 volumes: Netflix confirms the release date by a spine-tingling teaser

Netflix released a teaser for the most anticipated web series of the audience “Money Heist Season 5”. And this announcement tops the trending list, explaining how the audience loves this show.

Watch here Money Heist Season 5 trailer

This was originally meant to be a Spanish “La Casa De Papel” television series directed by Alex Pina. And, until Netflix bought it in 2017, it was almost seen as a flop. Netflix bought and streamed it under the name of “ Money Heist Season 5″. That’s when it burst up. This show became a blockbuster overnight. The characters can be so well related, that the characters have become star celebrities overnight. Their accounts in social media have flourished from a thousand followers to millions.

This show deals with the gang of criminals under the head of “The Professor” plans for a robbery at the Bank of Spain. The Mastermind Professor steals the show. There are a few startling turns and every scene keeps you on the fringes. The screenplay has been set up in the format that it will break our expectations and something will happen “out of the box”. The characters involved elevate the show and make it interesting.

So far 4 parts of this mind-blowing series have been released. All 4 parts have received huge applause for the story, acting, screenplay, and direction. This has evinced a sense of interest in the audience about its next part.


The caption of the post related to Money Heist season 5, in Twitter “Are you ready for the final face-off” explicitly tells us this is the final part of the show. This made the audience a little sad. But, Netflix and the creators of the show have decided to divide the part and inn 2 volumes to raise the expectations. Volume I will start to stream on Netflix by September 3, and the 2nd volume will be uploaded by December 3. This increased the anticipation of the audience.

Alex Pina indicated in a press release, that the first volume will be up to the expectation level of the audience, showing the gang and the rage at its fullest for the final season. And the second volume will be dealing with the emotions of the characters. This sentimental part will be the end of the amazing journey. He also added that, in the coming future, there will be chances for the spin-off of this show, because the characters had that complexion. From the audience’s perspective, this show is most anticipated and would never fail to surprise us with unexpected happenings. Let’s begin counting the days that would create a fire!

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