A bomb exploded in Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul on Saturday, according to the ground report, at least 30 people are dead and nearly 50 wounded. The bombing took place in a majority Shiite district of west Kabul, most of them who died in the explosion were young, between 11 and 15 years old.
As of now, no group has claimed responsibility. Although Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed the Taliban for the attack, a Taliban spokesperson condemned the attack and denied responsibility.

Soon after the attack, the place was filled with ambulances as the relatives of the wounded and deceased gathered around the site and started protesting against the authorities. The exact scene of the blast was Syed Al-Shahada school, in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood. According to an internal ministry spokesperson, Tariq Arian, the death toll is expected to rise further, still many deaths have gone officially unreported.

Residents in the area said that the explosion was ear-splitting and loud. One of the locals, Naser Rahimi, told the Associated Press that he heard three separate blasts. But, there is no official confirmation on multiple blasts yet. As per Rahimi, the bomb exploded when the girls were coming out of the school, and it was around 4:30 PM (local time).
In Dasht-e-Barchi, an angry crowd attacked the ambulances and even beat the healthcare workers, who were trying to do their job, evacuating the wounded, as per the Health Ministry spokesperson Ghulam Dastigar Nazari.

He urged citizens to maintain sanity and cooperate, allowing medical teams easy access to the affected site.
The US ambassador in Kabul, Ross Wilson, called the attack on the school “abhorrent”. He further added, “This unforgivable attack on children is an assault on Afghanistan’s future, which cannot stand.”

Emad Masroor

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