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With the ongoing battle with the pandemic, the country has been in turmoil for the past few months, and in that period, BTS boys brightened the world of Indian Armys and became their source of happiness. The latest news of the upcoming interview of BTS came as a cherry on top for the Indian BTS Armys. After the release of its teaser on Zoom’s YouTube channel, the topic has been trending on social media for the past few days.

Well, heeding to Armys anticipation, the most awaited BTS’ Interview with Zoom was finally telecasted on June 5 at 2:30 IST. The worldwide sensation, BTS, got into a conversation with Sakshma Srivastav. The interviewer previously held the privilege of interviewing other K-pop groups that includes BTS’ juniors TXT. The interview was streamed live on Zoom’s official YouTube channel, and the live audience count kept on increasing throughout the streaming

Namaste India

The 18-minute interview being the wholesome package, shook the Armys around the world.The interview was beyond the imagination of Armys, and they quickly crowned it with the title of Best BTS interview in a while. We had all the seven members giggling or being shy at times. The interview was filled with laughter, chaos, and some fun moments. The questions were intriguing, well researched, and received appreciation from not only Indian Armys but from Armys around the world. Initially, the host introduced BTS to the audience very professionally, even calling them “philanthropists.” Moving further, BTS was asked to introduce themselves, which was followed by a “Namaste.”

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After the introduction was done, the septet answered one question each. The first one being Jin, who was asked if he agrees to this view that his looks often overshadow his talent as a musician and a singer, which he countered solemnly, saying his beauty is like the food used to garnish the main dish. It later earned him praise from the members and host. The next question was raised to Suga on his experience while recollecting previous pain and suffering for making songs and music inspired by difficult memories. He says things that were difficult to recall aren’t anymore because releasing music also alleviates that emotion. When asked if making such music is cathartic, he said that releasing music helps him organise the traumatic memories.

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The host then praised Jhope for donating 100 million won on children’s day in Tanzania who were suffering from violence. The Armys appreciated the host for bringing this out in the forefront. He’s then asked about the next goal of BTS as now they have been recognised as the most successful band in the world. To which, Jhope replied that they are just doing what they enjoy. Instead of having a specific goal now, they will do their best and keep inspiring people with the music and performances. However, he did throw light on next year’s Grammy being one of their goals.

MC Donalds BTS Boys

Here comes our leader RM. Well, RM is known for his intellect and eloquent speeches. He was asked whether he finds it hard to reinvent themselves and keep up to their fans’ expectations on every single comeback. He replied eloquently, “But actually, that’s what is fun about life and our career. It’s never been easy, and it never will be. It’s a huge pressure to release these many new songs, videos, and behind the scenes. But it’s still fun.” The host praised RM for his beautiful answer. She also commented on how he’s always so articulate, and it’s a pleasure listening to him.

Then comes our Maknae line. So the first from the maknae line to answer was Jimin. In the midst of the question, he greeted the host while waving his hand. The host reciprocated. The small interaction was one of the highlights of the event. He’s asked whether it’s intimidating that everything they do or say is scrutinized and discussed on social media and whether it makes them think twice before saying anything on camera. Agreeing to the host, he replied that they do have to be cautious. But it is a testament to how many people are paying attention to the BTS. The fact that their words can have a positive influence on someone makes them happy. The Armys felt that it’s a lovely answer.

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Well, the host moves further. Praising his beautiful voice, she asked V, if he had to work on it and polish it with practice or if it’s something that a singer has to be born with. He has a very soulful or sexy voice that if he sings all night, people will listen all night. V seems to be bewildered and a little flustered for a few seconds. He then said that his vocal teacher used to scold him because of how he sang. But he worked hard on improving himself and turned it to his advantage. All the time, we could hear members giggling.

BTS Butter Boys

Then the host complimented Jungkook for his stunning hair as she said,”Good choice of color.” We could see JK getting shy after being praised. He was then asked to tell the one crucial thing that is like a lesson that he has learned during their journey to the top and which is very valuable. He answered that he had learned so much from his debut until now that it’s hard to pick one. He’s also very thankful to so many good people who influenced him. With this, this section comes to an end.

The host collectively asked a question that on the days they are tired and emotionally exhausted, how do BTS manage to turn up on sets and deliver a performance where they are supposed to look happy and excited. Jin answered the question, “We are like fans are watching. Let’s do our best and overcome our tiredness and pour our all.”

When asked about when BTS is coming to India, RM acknowledged that India is facing a really difficult time while experiencing COVID second wave, and they hope they can come as soon as the situation improves. The host also made them aware of how their Indian BTS Armys raised 20 million Indian Rupees within 24 hrs and still counting. With this, they gave a message for Indian Armys to stay strong.

The host then followed the tradition of making foreign artists speak in Hindi. She made them say “Indian BTS Armys aap hamare dil mein rehte hain.” This segment trended all over social media, winning the hearts of Armys around the world. With this, the show culminates; however, V and Jungkook were caught on camera doing their famous handshake, putting a fantastic end to the interview. The host made BTS comfortable as the whole interaction wasn’t perfunctory. Armys could see the efforts put in by the interviewer and really appreciate her for this meaningful interview.

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