Cristiano Ronaldo cola snub

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo inflicted a major loss of $4 -billion on a soft-drink major company Coca-Cola with his hand gesture of putting aside two- bottles of carbonated drinks and picking water instead during a press conference ahead of Portugal’s match against Hungary.

The Portuguese star footballer, who plays for Juventus in Serie A and is acknowledged as one of the two best footballers of current era alongside Argentina Lionel Messi, sat down for the interaction with a teammate and moved the coke bottles aside before picking up a water bottle. Coke is a sponsor of the ongoing Euro 2020 in which the former Real Madrid star is leading Portugal.

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Snub

Video: The Telegraph

Spanish newspaper Marca has reported that Coca-Cola’s shares took a dive and left the company with billions of dollars in losses.“Coca-Cola shares dropped from $56.10 to $55.22 almost immediately after Ronaldo’s gesture, meaning the company value from $242 billion to $238 billion, said a report by Marca.

The dip is value happened within the half an hour Ronaldo has been quite vocal in his support for his healthy diet and is known to admonish his son when he finds him eating food referred to as junk.

A day after causing mayhem on stock market, Ronaldo powered his Iberian nation to a 3-0 win over Hungary with a brace. He also built his legend further by becoming the top-scorer in European Championship history with 11 goals.


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