Capital punishment or Death penalty is the state-sanctioned killing of a person for a crime they committed.

Death penalty, execution are both forms of capital punishment that a person is sentenced with for committing some forms of criminal offence. Although it is legal in India, it is illegal in several countries across the world including Brazil and Chile.

A lot of people believe that capital punishment is the ultimate punishment and that is the only answer for a lot of crimes that takes place. However there are some who believe that more intense punishments can be given, punishments that actually make a person regret doing the crime at the same time teach others a lesson not to do the same thing.

In India, 131 people are given capital punishment on an average annually. So to the ones whose argument is that it is required in a country like India as in a way it helps in controlling population, there aren’t a lot of people who are actually being given capital punishment that it would actually make a difference.

Also, a lot of people, when denied by the Supreme Court to have mercy can appeal to the Indian President for mercy, and if the president grants them that, they are punished with life-long imprisonment. And a lot of people have run from prisons who aren’t caught the second time around.

In such cases the justice that was supposed to be delivered, isn’t delivered at all. And in several cases, the accused are not really afraid to death because of which it gives them a sort of freedom to commit any and all kinds of crimes as the most government can do is ill them.

Capital punishment or Death penalty is the state-sanctioned killing of a person for a crime they committed.

So, what punishments should be given instead? Well, for in starters, different types of crimes should have different punishments that don’t just revolve around the idea of jail.

For instance, if someone has been convicted for rape, then, instead of simply putting those in lifelong prison, their genitals should be removed and then they should be made to do community service in the day and sleep in the prison cell.

A murder accused should be made disable by removing their eyes and making them clean the prison walls and floors daily. A thief should be made handicapped. Several other kinds of punishments can be given instead of the death penalty because death is not the answer.

Is Capital Punishment The Correct Punishment?

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