June 3rd – World Bicycle Day: Bicycles are better for humans and our planet
Today, Our planet is ailing because of us. We, humans, have polluted our environment. This pollution has led to many physical problems. The vehicles running on the roads contribute a lot in the air and noise pollution. This luxurious life has made us lazy and also harms our physical health. But Today on World Bicycle Day, We all should start cycling as it is good for our health and for our planet also.

Cycling – A pathway to achieve better health equity

June 3 is recognized as World Bicycle Day. This day aware people about the benefits of cycling. It is environment-friendly, economically affordable and healthy. Nowadays people do not use cycles as their personal vehicle to travel. It has rather become a hobby. Where people wake up early in the morning and go for cycling.

Importance of Cycling recognized amid Covid 19

Last year, In the lockdown people, started cycling in order to improve their healthy lifestyle. Cycles were seen more on the roads as compares to cars or bikes. Cycling with friends and family releases stress and gives a fresh start to the day. It also leads to muscle strength and flexibility. This activity is a great source of socializing with others, sharing thoughts etc.

Cycling as eco friendly mode of transport with numerous health benefits

WHO states that ‘ safe infrastructure for walking and cycling is also a pathway for achieving greater health equity.  It helps in lowing greenhouse gas emissions. It reminds us of our childhood when girls used to have pink colour bicycles with baskets. Boys used to have bicycles with gears. Every Evening after taking permission from parents, Children used to cycle for hours and have fun.

June 3rd – World Bicycle Day: Bicycles are better for humans and our planet

On this day let us cycle away all our negativity and make cycling, a part of our daily schedule. It will be beneficial for our own health and even our planet.

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Ankita Jain

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