The United Nations commemorates June 4th as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. Every year on this day, it takes into cognizance the sufferings and agony of children worldwide who have ever been the martyrs of physical, emotional, and mental trauma in conflict-ridden zones. It is also a day to procure will and resources in order to secure a better future for children.

Well, It is a universally acknowledged truth that the war’s outcome is devastation and anguish only. It is a brutal reality; however, children are the ones who suffer the most from the ravages of war. Rebel factions target children indiscriminately because of their frailty and physical fragility. In addition, children are increasingly being used for outrageous violence, including suicide bombings and executions.

Even when the guns of war fall silent, the challenges and stressors they face do not. They are either profoundly psychologically traumatized or left with physical disabilities.  They are frequently emaciated as well. As a result, such children face a challenging road to recovery. They may appear vigilant not because it is in their nature but because it is necessary for survival. When children are under the control of armed groups, neutrality may not be an option.

“In recent years, the number of violations perpetrated against children have, in many conflict zones, increased. More needs to be done to protect the 250 million children living in countries and areas affected by conflict. More must be done to protect children from targeting by violent extremists, to promote international humanitarian and human rights law, and to ensure accountability for violations of the rights of children,” says United Nations.

June 4th: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

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Having needed to confront monstrosities from a young age, they foster the conviction that brutality is a way to resolve conflicts; thus, it is hard for them to communicate something specific of harmony and worldwide security to people in the future. Consequently, to shelter children from violence, abuse, and escalating clashes, a truce should be given an opportunity. Criminals who have perpetrated crimes against children must be prosecuted.

They should be brought to justice for the heinous and inhumane horrors they committed against civilians. No youngster in the world should be exposed to strife or violence. They ought to spend their adolescence and youth in a peaceful and amicable environment. Aggression against children must stop immediately, no matter where it occurs. Hence, this day’s motto is to recognize the difficulties and limit the children’s involvement in never-ending wars and conflicts.

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