North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un is of the view that Kpop Culture has its own set of attire, hairstyle, tradition and speech, which is recently corrupting the younger generation of North Korea. Kim Jong Un has declared to stop any kind of cultural influence and will impose harsh punishment on the citizens spreading the South Korean Dramas and Kpop Music.

In recent times, Kpop Music and dramas have spread like fire in and across the globe. So, it’s an obvious fact, being the neighbouring country of the origin of the Hallyu Wave, the people residing in North Korea can get influenced by the latter’s amid increasing pop cultural impact.

The supreme leader of North Korea, through a secretive anti-Kpop campaign, has imposed a ban on listening and watching Kpop music and Dramas respectively. The leader described Kpop Music as a “Vicious Cancer” which in turn is corrupting the youth of the country.

According to the NYT citation, a South Korean based news source, named Daily NK, was the first agency to know about the information. The information of declaration of a new culture war was known from an internal document of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which got leaked.

Last December, Kim Jong Un introduced new rules and policies which stated that any person who is caught viewing contents related to South Korean musics and dramas or any source of the South Korean entertainment would result in upto 15 years of jail in camps where people are forced  to hard labour.

Kim Jong Un wants to Ban Kpop, Tagging the Korean Pop Music as a ‘Vicious Cancer’

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President Kim Jong Un believes that the younger generation of the country will get impacted and would incorporate the South Korean pop culture attire, hairstyle, speech and behaviour.

The Kim dynasty has been ruling North Korea for more than 70 years. The supreme leader has also planned to impose hard punishments on those who are caught guilty of smuggling contents related to South Korean entertainment industry which can even include Death Penalty.

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