Australians are facing a huge issue as mice crawl into homes and farms destroying food, crops, clothes and also biting people. People in Australia are patching up holes, sealing the doors in fear of a mouse invasion. In rural areas, farmers are struggling to protect their crops and stored grains from being spoiled by mice. The Australian government has announced a package worth 50 million dollars to fight the mouse plague.

The mouse plague is mainly raging in the New South Wales central west region. It has become a nightmare for Australians as millions of mice are invading their houses and farms. Huge numbers of mice are being found in storage units, water tankers, wardrobes and closets. The visuals have become horrifying as some have even got bitten by mice at night as mice are crawling into bedrooms.

But what caused this horrible mouse plague in Australia?

In 2020, Australian farmers went through a good year as it was a year of rain. They received more rainfall than the two previous years combined. This meant that the ground was more fertile than ever and the Australian farmers got a good bumper harvest. However no one ever foresaw the incoming mouse plague. The good amount of rainfall bought these mice as it created an adequate condition for little rodents. Gradually the army or mice grew big in number and attacked houses, farms, schools and even hotels and bakeries.

In march the horrifying visuals of mice in Australia started circulating in social media. Australia’s National Science Agency, the CSIRO considers 800-1000 mice per hectare as a plague. One of Australia’s best experts on mice plagues and CSIRO researcher, Steve Henry said that “ Trying to count the number of mice plaguing eastern Australia right now would be like trying to count up the stars in the sky”.

Ron McKay, a local farmer also claimed that “At night, the ground is moving with thousands of mice just running around”. In a matter of few months the mice has invaded an area of more than a thousand kilometers from Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Farmers and residents are also facing the terrible smell of the mice, especially the smell of dead mice.

What is the government doing?

 The Australian government has declared a war against the mouse plague. Strategies are in place and traps are being laid out and houses have already been fortified. The Australian government authorities have announced a mouse plague package worth 50 million dollars. The money will be used to bait and poison the mice. The residents in cities have been instructed to use steel wool to patch up holes in their homes and also seal their doors to avoid the mice.

However, It will not be as easy as it sounds. Even if several mice are killed and some manage to escape, there can gradually be a thousand more by the end of the season. Australia is no stranger to mouse plagues but according to farmers this is the worst they have seen in ages.

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