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One of the Delhi-based YouTuber Gaurav Sharma posted a video on YouTube in which he floated his pet dog ‘Dollar’ up by tying with the balloons on its back. DCP South Atul Thakur said Gaurav has been arrested on the charges of the cruelty of the animals and for risking the life of a pet. The video that had been posted has deleted from YouTube and another video was posted by him of apologising for the earlier view. A case against Gaurav was registered after people for Animal raised on the issue for cruelty. This video was shot on 21st May and was posted on Gaurav’s YouTube Channel with the name “Flying Dollar With Helium Gas Balloon” , in which his pet dog Dollar seen flying while Gaurav said, “Let’s make dollar fly”.

Famous YouTuber Gaurav Sharma Arrested  For Flying His Dog With Hydrogen Balloons

The video shown the cruelty that was done by Gaurav Sharma with his dog and also he went to a shop to buy Balloons . The video also captures the conversation of Gaurav Sharma and the Shopkeeper, where he asked the shopkeeper that how many balloons will be required to keep Dollar fly . On his another video he apologised and said that he took all the safety measures before flying up dollar but that was not shown in the video . And he got influenced from some other video outside so he tried this with Dollar. He appealed to two of his users to not get influence from this video .

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  1. The police had taken a good step against the YouTuber Gaurav Sharma for the cruelty that he was done with his dog.There are different laws for the protection of the animals but still people are continuously doing such acts with the animals is shameful, this only mean that we have certain laws or acts but people aren’t aware about all these and there is no implication on the ground level.

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